komunitas pemberdaya

Community of Enablers

What is the Community of Enablers?

Community of enabler is a collaborative ecosystem consisting of individuals, groups and organizations/institutions that work together actively and sustainably in raising, distributing, managing and interpreting public resources to support humanitarian work and nature conservation.


Members of the Empowering Community work based on the principles of volunteerism, integrity, solidarity, equality, openness and diversity.


As an ecosystem, in respective member of the community enabler performs these roles:


The community of enabler that formulates the direction and development of Pundi’s work. The Steering role is carried out by Pundi Strategic Partners, Learning Partners (Rukun Bestari), Experts and/or Activists and IKa Representatives to determine the relevant focus of attention for IKa as a resource institution.


The community of enabler that collects “Catur Daya”, both from itself and from its network. “Catur Daya” is consist of funds, knowledge, networks and volunteers. The more diverse the characteristics of the Penggalang, the bigger and more diverse the potential resources that can be reached by IKA. The Fundraiser’s role is carried out by members who own or raise resources to be donated to support humanitarian work and nature conservation.


Communities/organizations that accept Catur Daya for humanitarian work and nature conservation, including individuals (humanitarian workers/human rights defenders) in emergency situations. The role of the Beneficiary is carried out by members who carry out humanitarian work and/or nature conservation with Catur Daya grants that are utilized and are willing to continue to develop capacity so that in turn they can act as power raisers for individuals, groups and/or other organizations/institutions.


The community enabler is consists of people who are determined by the steering team through a consultative process to contextualize (geographically and-or thematically) and reflect on the work of the Beneficiaries. The role of the interpreter is carried out by members who are scattered in various regions and interpret the contributions and impacts of grants in the context of certain struggles.


IKa as a resource institution that initiated the existence of this community. IKa ensures the effectiveness and sustainability of the Empowering Community’s work. As a resource agency, IKa has the duty to:

  • Facilitating the role of the Steering Committee in formulating the direction and development of the work focus of IKa as a resource institution
  • Facilitate the growth and development of the number, diversity and role of Racers in Empowering Communities in order to encourage optimal and sustainable resource mobilization
  • Carry out the function of distributing resources to the Beneficiaries in the Empowering Community through a collaborative selection process with competent partners, assistance in distributing grants in a targeted manner, as well as communication about the benefits of grants and lessons learned from them
  • Manage the participation of the interpreters who are scattered in the areas where the “Catur Daya” grant beneficiaries work.

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