Pundi Insani

Pundi Insani or human rights trust fund is a raising-resource platform to support the recovery and the empowerment of human rights violation victims, including the support for human rights defenders (including women human rights defenders / WHRD) to achieve a safe, healthy, and decent condition especially in the emergency situation.

Pundi Insani is pioneered by Indonesia untuk Kemanusiaan (IKa) since 1996 in efforts to fundraise from various human rights and social justice stakeholders. Pundi Insani aims to create the firm footing towards access and control to meet the victims and defenders’ rights regarding Human Rights Violation.

Why do we need to support Punsi Insani?

The tragedy of human rights violation caused long standing violence and stigma against the victims. While the solutions for Human Rights Violation Victims are less prioritized by the law enforcement in Indonesia.

There are numerous of unfinished cases of gross human rights violation such as the tragedy of 1965, the mysterious shooting in 1982-1985, the tragedy of Talangsari in Lampung in 1989, the enforced disappearance in 1997-1998, Aceh and Papua Tragedy during conflict period and so forth. Therefore, to date, the victims are not yet to received their rights in fair and dignified manner.  

Pundi Insani always play a role to raise resource for supports to earn the human rights violation victims’ rights in fair and dignified manner. In taking the role, Pundi Insani collaborates with victims’ assistance organizations in the recovery activities and in the fulfillment of social and economic accesses that are vulnerable to discriminative treatment.

The Role of Pundi Insani Directing Team

In taking the role, Pundi Insani have ecosystems called community of enabler comprised of the directing team, the fundraising team, the beneficiary team, the meaning team and IKa as the management. The directing team is responsible in arranging the plan. The fundraising team is responsible to raise resources. The beneficiary team is the grantees organizations or individuals. The meaning team is the individuals working to draw the lessons of grants with methods of meaning.

Specifically, the directing team is responsible for the following:

  1. Formulate the annual direction and the working development of Pundi Insani.
  2. Determine the relevant focus of IKa as the Civil Society Resource Organization (CSRO).
  3. Carry out the consultative process with the meaning team that will do contextualization (geographically and/or thematically) and the work evaluation/reflection of the beneficiaries.

Pundi Insani Beneficiaries

  1. Organization that works for Human Rights issues.
  2. Human Rights Fighters/Defenders individuals/communities (farmers, fishermen/women, farm labors, activists)
  3. Past gross human rights violations survivors.

Since 1996-2020, Pundi Insani has supported:

  • 703 Human Rights Organizations
  • 29 Past Gross Human Rights Violation Survivors

And has benefited:

  • 4005 past gross Human Rights victims in gaining access to social assistance social services
  • 1527 access to identity services for past gross Human Rights victims

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