Pundi Perempuan

Pundi Perempuan is the first women trust fund in Indonesia that exist to respond the cases of Violence Against Women in Indonesia that are increasing annually. Women’s Funds was pioneered by the National Commission on Violence Against Women in 2001 and starting from 2003 has been managed by IKa. Women’s Funds presented grantmaking model that is empowering, adhering to the expected social transformation values.

Pundi Perempuan do the public fundraising specifically to support Women’s Crisis Center (WCC) that assist women and children’s victims of violence, women humanitarian workers, and women communities/organizations in Indonesia. Throughout the time, women trust funds raise resources through many means, such as Give Back Sale, Fight Back Run, direct fundraising, fundraising through www.kitabisa.com, etc.

Each year, Indonesia untuk Kemanusiaan (IKa) and National Commission on Violence Against Women distributed the funds of fundraising initiative through grantmaking scheme that open public calls for proposals in IKa social media and website. Organizations/communities could submit proposals to gain access to Pundi Perempuan. IKa and the National Commission on Violence Against Women will do the selection process of the proposals. The announcement of grantees is published in IKa social media and website.  

From 2003 -2021, Pundi Perempuan have distributed resources to:

  • 124 Service Provider Organization (WCC)
  • 3 groups of women victims of violence
  • 5 women human rights defenders (WHRD)
  • 4 funds to support the women economic

and has benefited:

  • 2.441 women victims of violence

Access to Pundi Perempuan Grants

Every year IKa and the National Commission for Woman open a call for proposals. Organizations and communities can submit a grant proposal to Pundi Perempuan. The call for proposal is announced vie the IKa website and social media. Criteria for receipt of Pundi Perempuan grants include civil society communities/organizations that provide services for women victims of violence and that manage a minimum of 5 cases per month, are not in receipt of operational support from the government or other donor organizations and implement a working system that guarantees accountability.

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