Pundi Budaya

Pundi Budaya is present as a forum for raising resources (funding, knowledge, networking, volunteerism) for recovery and empowerment for victims/warriors of culture and diversity. The purpose of its establishment is to become part of a movement to support the preservation of Indonesian arts and culture based on the values and practices of diversity and tolerance.


  • Pundi Budaya once collaborated with the Oong Maryono Pencak Silat Award (OMPSA), a small grant program that funds research, documentation, and publication efforts on pencak silat. This collaboration aims to make the values ​​of diversity and tolerance contained in the teachings of pencak silat continue to grow in society. In addition, pencak silat encourages people’s health conditions to be better. This is in line with the spirit to maintain health after we experience the 2020-2021 pandemic.
  • In 2017, Indonesia for Humanity (IKa) provided resource assistance for the dissemination of the book on diversity “Stories for Friends” published by the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference (KWI).
  • In 2018 in collaboration with the Indonesian Art Coalition, IKa provided funding grants for arts programs in democratization and diversity to 5 organizations including: Sanggar Seroja (Jakarta), Ardy Ferdianto (Jakarta), Cinema Cirebon (Jakarta), Khairiyah of Indonesia (Jakarta). Komunitas Rumah Tanpa Jendela (Depok, West Java)

Access to Cultural Funds

Pundi Budaya provides a grant program for every individual/community/organization struggling in the arts and culture. How to access the grant can be through submitting a proposal through a call for proposal announced by IKa. The proposed program/activity is in the form of arts and cultural activities that encourage democratization and diversity. Prospective grant recipients are arts and cultural activists who have experience working with communities using a cultural approach, have a work system that can guarantee accountability, are not currently receiving operational assistance funds from the government, and are prioritized to have creative and innovative work approaches.

Latest News

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