Pundi Hijau

Pundi Hijau or Green Trust Fund is a resource-raising space (fund, knowledge, network, volunteers) for the Civil Society Organization (CSO) that works to providing assistance for natural disaster victims, and developing the community-based local food resilience that are affected by disaster.  

This strand of the Pundi program has included collecting donations for disaster management from the public in collaboration with alumni from Santa Ursula School and with the support of a number of individuals. Pundi Hijau has also supported work on developing food resources with Tanoker, At-Thariq Islamic boarding school and Karawang Organic Farming School. Other collaborations have included the reintroduction of organic farming techniques, creating development plots for the pupils of Kanisius primary school and also providing support for the prevention of sand mining on the slopes of Merapi volcano in collaboration with Palguna in Central Java.

Pundi Hijau works to develop the empowering communities as the supporting ecosystem of the Pundi Hijau that comprised of the Advisory Team, the Fundraising Team, the Beneficiaries Team, the Meaning Team, and IKa as the management.  

Pundi Hijau has been involved in public fundraising for natural disaster through public involvement at many levels including students, university students and communities.

Why do we need to support Pundi Hijau?

  • Development with no regards to the earth, climate change and unsustainable population growth resulting in severe environmental degradation.
  • Continuing Human Rights Violation cases by the management industries of palm oils, cement and water that do not heed the general public rights of food and environmental sustainability.
  • Indonesia Islands are within the “ring of fire”, making Indonesia vulnerable to natural disaster.
  • Throughout 2019, The National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure recorded there are 3,721 natural disasters.
  • The casualties of natural disasters in 2019 was up to 477 people, 109 missing, 3.415 wounded, and 6.1 million were affected.
  • There are 72.992 units damaged houses from heavy damaged to light damaged, 2.011 public facilities units, from health facilities, education to worship houses were damaged.
  • Assistance scheme for the natural disaster victims mostly take form of direct assistance yet paying less attention to the sustainable assistance for the victims’ communities.

From 2014-2020, Pundi Hijau has supported:

  • 18 organizations and natural disaster communities.
  • 14 organizations and seed farmers communities

60.000 masks for forest fires victims in Jambi

Access to Pundi Hijau Grants

Pundi Hijau is open to individuals/communities/organizations that work on the environment, food sovereignty and ecological justice. Proposed activities should focus on food sovereignty and ecological justice.

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