Indonesia untuk Kemanusiaan/IKa (Indonesian for Humanity) as a resource organization has a role to provide the resources needed for marginalized communities that are the main target of the organization. The work strategies carried out by IKa include mobilizing resources to support community movement initiatives, developing a solidarity economy model, and developing knowledge and networks.

Resource mobilization is implemented in the form of the Pundi program which has the nature of providing services to the target community of the program. Pundi in a general context is a tool for raising funds. However, Pundi in the context of the program is a form of IKa services to marginalized communities in the form of trust fund services, change movements, and thematic issues/themes.

The development of solidarity economic models is also carried out by IKa in order to strengthen the connectivity of various social and economic movements and to encourage locality independence to create community resilience in social, economic and cultural terms. The strategy for implementing the development of the solidarity economy model is carried out with three approaches, namely building awareness with the community, activating learning forums, and capacity building. The solidarity economy model is one of IKa’s work approaches because this model is inspired by a worldwide movement that wants a change in the economic paradigm from prioritizing profit and growth to prioritizing the harmony of life among humans and nature with the main goal of encouraging a just and dignified society.

The development of knowledge and networks is carried out by IKa by following the growing discourse on philanthropy issues and strengthening civil society organizations and their target communities. In this case, IKa develops study programs, facilitates sustainability forums for civil society organizations, builds learning for target communities, participates in networks at the national and international levels.

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