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IKa is a civil society resource organization (CSRO) that supports local initiatives in term of social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability through small grants, sharing knowledge, activating networking and volunteering.

Healthy power relations are an initial capital and the basis for a healthy growing family life. Women's Trust Fund is a very trusted forum, moving to always campaign for healthy power relations. Advocating, protecting, empowering. With the formation of healthy power relations, we can strengthen the nation in the future.
Syanaz Nadya Winanto, founder Rorokenes
The most difficult thing to overcome is when women become victims of financial violence and are deprived of access to income and depend on their partners. So, it is important to help women victims of violence through women’s fund (Pundi Perempuan).
Hotma Abigail Sirait, author of the novel "Switched Off

Since 1995 - 2021, IKA has distributed grant funds to


Human rights community organization


Women Crisis Centre (WCC)




Cultural Activist

We would like to inviting individuals, civil society organizations, companies, and actors in the solidarity economy to jointly support supporting organizations for marginalized communities, encourage sustainable learning, and promote systems/policies that promote human dignity and nature conservation. We invite you to become a community of enablers through volunteer and internships schemes, and also youth network for humanity.

Community of Enablers

Pundi’s Program

On-Going Program

VOICE – Better Together

Ensure the continuity of fulfillment of reparations for economic, social and cultural rights for the elderly victims of past gross human rights violations by building youth leadership in the Human Rights movement. Supported program funding by Voice. Period October 2021 – September 2023.

The Meaning Program

IKa developed a monitoring and evaluation model based on a grant scheme that was distributed to beneficiary partners. Program period June 2020 – February 2021. Supported by program funding by the Global Fund for Community Foundation (GFCF).

The Solidarity Economy Program

This program is part of the movement to build an economy which requires a change in the economic paradigm from one that prioritizes profit and growth to one that prioritizes the harmony of human life and nature. Currently IKa is building awareness with the actors of the solidarity economy, doing mapping, and knitting the solidarity economy network. Several activities are funded by Partners Asia for the period August 2020 – September 2021.

Peduli Corner

The Peduli Program’s mission is to create a social inclusion movement that invites the wider community to act equally and with dignity in their daily lives. The Peduli Program wants all elements of society to get equal treatment and get the same rights and opportunities as citizens. The Peduli Program is funded by The Asia Foundation.

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