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IKa is a civil society resource organization (CSRO) that supports local initiatives in term of social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability through small grants, sharing knowledge, activating networking and volunteering.

"In the midst of increasingly extreme climate change, it is time for the Pundi Hijau to become a catalyst for social movements aimed at climate change adaptation and mitigation through climate justice. It involves engaging all parties to address the social aspects of climate change through climate justice.."
Eka Satya Putra, a social, environmental, and nature issues observer.
"I am grateful and thankful to IKa for inviting me to contribute to helping female victims of violence while doing 'decluttering' (an effort to get rid of unused items at home). This way, we were able to tidy up our closets and homes, while at the same time, getting the opportunity to assist fellow women. Let's continue to support IKa. Warm regards to humanity."
Sandra Moniaga

Sejak 1995 - 2023, IKa telah menyalurkan dana hibah kepada


Human rights community organization


Women Crisis Centre (WCC)




Cultural Activist

We would like to invite individuals, civil society organizations, companies and actors in the solidarity economy to partner with us in supporting organizations working for marginalised communities, encouraging sustainable learning and promoting systems and policies that promote human dignity and environmental conservation. We invite you to become a part of our Empowering Community through volunteering and internships schemes as well as youth networks for humanity.

Community of Enablers

The Pundi Programs

On-Going Programs

VOICE – Better Together

Ensure the fulfilment of economic, social and cultural rights and reparations of the elderly victims of past gross human rights violations by strengthening youth leadership in the human rights movement. The Better Together program ran between October 2021-September 2023 and was supported by Voice.

Pemaknaan (Meaning Generation) Program

IKa has developed an approach to monitoring and evaluation that allows for generating meaning (not judgement) for an initiative (grant) in terms of a specific context and linked to a broader mission of social transformation. The Pemaknaan (meaning generation)program runs between August 2023 to July 2024 and is supported by the Global Fund for Community Foundation (GFCF).

The Solidarity Economy Program

This program is part of the movement to build an economy that requires transformation from an economic paradigm that prioritises profit and growth to one that prioritises the harmony of human life and nature. Currently, IKa is building awareness with actors from the solidarity economy movement, undertaking mapping and working to strengthen the solidarity economy network. Between August 2020–September 2021, several activities have been funded by Partners Asia.

Peduli Corner

The Peduli Program’s mission is to create a social inclusion movement that invites the wider community to treat people equally and with dignity in their everyday lives. The Peduli Program is rooted in the conviction that all citizens have the right to equal treatment and equal rights. The Peduli Program was funded by The Asia Foundation from 2014-2020.

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