How We Work

IKa as a Civil Society Resource Organization plays a role in collecting, managing, and distributing of resources and community empowering as well. IKa also develops networks, disseminates knowledge, and raises the spirit of volunteerism.

The resource-raising work model is carried out by:

Resource Development – Developing innovative ways of collecting donations and resources from the public and from donor agencies.

Channeling Resources – Channeling resources in support of change initiatives implemented by individuals and social movement communities

Building Self-Reliance – Building a ‘Resource Sharing Movement’ to increase the self-reliance of social movements

Each donation that is submitted to IKa will be managed by one of the four Pundi programs focusing on human rights, women, culture and the environment. The Pundi programs will multiply the benefit of donations through a number of activities by leveraging IKa’s knowledge, networks and volunteerism in order to attain a unique power that is the four resources.

The Four Resources

At IKa we believe that resources comprise of four complementary elements: funding, knowledge, networks and volunteerism. We call these 4 elements the four resources – which we collect, disburse, manage and give meaning to together with our partners in order to support civil society-led humanitarian and environmental work.

IKa’s role in this the four resources management includes fund-raising, managing donor grants and support from social investors, developing partnerships based on the values of corporate social responsibility, knowledge-sharing as well as mobilizing volunteers.

A. Donations

There are four ways in which IKa collects donations and raises funds:

  • Targeted grant distribution services: In collaboration with donor agencies or private donors
  • Public donations: Public donations raised via our Community of Enablers
  • Partnerships with businesses that share our values: Partnerships with businesses and/or corporate social responsibility programs
  • Investment in the solidarity economy: Investment for social enterprises, cooperatives and other initiatives within the framework of the solidarity economy

How to Access IKa Grants:

  1. The public can apply for grants via the Pundi Programs that focus on human rights, women, culture and the environment.
  2. Calls for proposals are announced periodically via IKa’s website and social media
  3. Each call may be accessed by the public directly.
  4. Each call can be accessed by individuals/communities/organizations that work on issues of violence and discrimination against women (Pundi Perempuan), human rights (Pundi Insani), cultural movements for diversity (Pundi Budaya) and food sovereignty and ecological justices (Pundi Hijau).
  5. IKa works with the Pundi program steering committee to identify which individuals/communities/organizations to support.

B. Knowledge

IKa develops and shares knowledge concerning resource management in order to support the sustainability of social change and empowerment initiatives. IKa also promotes and support the learning process regarding the role of social movements in transformative social change. The aim is that this can be implemented in partnership with other competent organizations.

C. Networks

IKa does not work alone. IKa broadens and activates solidarity networks at local, national and international levels. This is done in order to support social change and empowerment initiatives.

D. Volunteerism

IKa strengthens the culture and system of volunteerism to support social change and empowerment initiatives through communities of enablers and other appropriate ways. Moving forward, IKa will continue to develop itself as a resource organization that promotes a bigger movement, so that community-based movements remain active in resource-sharing activities in the name of humanity.

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