The Indonesian for Humanity (IKa) was founded in 1995 during the last years of Indonesia’s 32-year authoritarian regime. At that time the pro-democracy movement began to develop. IKa was founded, its role was aimed at supporting the pro-democracy movement through small/micro grants from international donor organizations based in Europe (mostly the Netherlands and Belgium). The founders were four civil society activists who at that time were active in advancing labor rights, consumer rights, human rights, and the development of civil society organizations.

The momentum for changing IKa’s organizational strategy began in 2010. The changes in strategy included resource-raising strategies, program focus, branding, work models, characterized and so on. IKa defines resources comprise of funds, knowledge, networks and volunteerism. IKa envisions that resources will no longer rely on donors, but need to doing resource raising from the community (public donation), value-based partnerships with the private sector, and develop partnerships in a solidarity economy.

The focus of the IKa program has also developed into four programs, namely Pundi Insani (Human Rights Fund), Pundi Perempuan (Woman’s Fund), Pundi Budaya (Cultural Fund) and Pundi HIjau (Green Innovative Fund). In addition, IKa also changed the organization’s branding from YSIK to IKa, followed by adjustments to the logo and colors that better reflect the meaning of humanity.

With those roles IKa calls itself as a Civil Society Resource Organization (CSRO) with its vision of empowering civil society that fights for a just, dignified and prosperous life for all, within the framework of human rights and environmental sustainability. The IKa program covers issues of gender justice, human rights, diversity, tolerance, food sovereignty, and disaster response with the characteristics of building collaborative work with civil society organizations and marginalized communities from Aceh in west Indonesia to Papua in east Indonesia.

IKa believes that a dignified, just and prosperous life can only be achieved through a long struggle to encourage transformative change. IKa participates in building community self-sufficiency and empowerment in this struggle.

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