Yayasan Sosial Indonesia untuk Kemanusiaan (IKa) or Indonesian for Humanity (IFH) was formed in 1995 during the final years of Indonesia’s 32-year authoritarian regime when the pro-democracy movement was gaining ground. IKa was set up to support this movement through small/micro grants from international donor organizations based in Europe (mostly Netherlands and Belgium). Its founders are four leaders in our budding civil society at that time who were active on the ground in advancing labour rights, consumer rights, human rights, and civil society organizational development.

IKa continues to support the pro-democracy movement through grants/micro funds by expanding the marginalized communities it serves. Raising resources is done by using a “catur daya” approach, it was the meaning as funds, knowledge, networking and volunteerism. Currently, IKa has four Pundi as a forum for raising resources for marginalized groups with an empowering community approach. First, Pundi Insani is a resource-raising platform used to support communities of victims of human rights violations and human rights defenders/HRD (including women human rights defenders/WHRD), including in emergency situations. Second, Pundi Perempuan is a is a resource-raising platform which was founded by Komnas Perempuan (the National Commission on Violence Against Women) in 2001, and since 2003 Komnas Perempuan gaves mandate to IKa to manage. Pundi Perempuan assist with case assistance and psychosocial recovery for women victims of violence by distributing grant funds to service institutions (Woman Crisis Center/WCC). Third, Pundi Budaya which was established to answer the gap in diversity and cultural tolerance in Indonesia. Fourth, Pundi Hijau was established to respond to community victims of natural disasters and the importance of food sovereignty.

For IKa, Pundi’s program it can be interpreted as a trust fund, a movement for change and issues/thematic areas. Therefore, Pundi’s work is not always related to raising resources but also encouraging the formation of an community of enabler as a supporting ecosystem for Pundi.

The COVID-19 pandemic that began to spread in March 2020 had an impact on the way IKa works in terms of fundraising. The shift in fundraising methods from offline to online has resulted in a decrease in the amount of funds raised from the community. This impact is not only felt by IKa but also by civil society at large, especially in terms of service to the community. This is due to the social restriction policy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community. IKa views this condition as a sign of the need to re-imagining IKa’s strategic direction so that it can continue to maintain the relevance and role of IKa to the community it serves.

The idea that emerged and became a topic of discussion within the IKa was the model of the solidarity economy. The solidarity economy is a worldwide movement to build a just and sustainable economy. Solidarity economy requires a paradigm shift from prioritizing profit and growth to prioritizing the harmony of human life and nature. This idea is in line with the social changes expected by IKa.

In the COVID-19 pandemic situation where the economic value chain is limited, the locus of economic attention is actually approaching resources that are more localistic and dependent on the community. The community is the owner of the resources and in the long term can create community self-reliance in understanding the value chain. On the other hand, non-economic actors who play a role in voicing democracy, justice and nature conservation have not yet received a position in the local economic chain.

IKa sees the importance of encouraging two things, namely the spirit of locality in creating independence and establishing connectedness between economic and non-economic actors. Both of these things must occur in one breath of social movement simultaneously, hereinafter referred to as the solidarity economy. Solidarity economy is a program development that is directly implemented while maintaining the uniqueness of IKa in strengthening marginalized communities, especially women’s economic groups.

IKa believes that a dignified, just and prosperous life can only be achieved through a long struggle to promote transformative change. IKa participates in building self-reliance and community empowerment in this struggle.

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