Vision and Mission


A society empowered in its struggle towards justice, dignity and well-being for all within the framework of human rights and environmental sustainability.


  • To mobilise diverse resources for social transformation through constituency-building in innovative, open and accountable ways.
  • To enable community groups to carry out their vision and mission through support of meaningful initiatives and effective collaboration.
  • To build autonomy and sustainability of movements for social transformation by building civil society’s capacity for smart resource raising.
  • To assist human rights defenders in obtaining security and well-being, including under emergency situations.

The meaning of humanity

Humanity is the fundamental value on which IKa is founded, as well as the ultimate goal of its work. Humanity is achieved when:

  • Everyone lives independently and with dignity
  • Everyone is free from poverty, oppression and violence
  • Everyone lives in a peaceful, prosperous and diverse society
  • The state guarantees human rights for all in a democratic and open way
  • The present generation maintains the sustainability and diversity of the universe for future generations to enjoy.

Humanitarian principles

  • Upholding human rights
  • Promote social justice and gender equality
  • Building democracy
  • Protecting environmental sustainability
  • Maintaining accountability and independence
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