VOICE – Better Together

IKA is a civil society resource organization (CSRO) that will continuously optimize all available resources to support and serve marginalized groups according to the organization’s vision. Since 2013, Indonesia for Humanity (IKa) has been one of the executing organizations that manages resources together with several consortium partners in promoting social, economic and cultural access. The target group of the program includes the community of victims of past serious human rights violations (the Talangsari tragedy, the 65 tragedy, the Aceh DOM, the Semanggi tragedy, and others).

The Voice program with the title Better Together Program is managed by Indonesia for Humanity and funded by Hivos. The program period has started since October 2021 and will end in September 2023. Through the Voice Program, IKA together with two other organizations namely Sekber 65 and PBH Nusra seek to activate the role of young people in assisting the elderly victims of the tragedy 65 to gain social, economic and cultural access. in the districts of Surakarta, Karanganyar and Sikka. This program also encourages the growing awareness of young people regarding human rights issues, fosters sensitivity to the needs of the elderly, and expands youth networks at the national level.

Overall Objective

Ensure the continuity of fulfillment of reparations for economic, social and cultural rights for the elderly victims of past gross human rights violations by building youth leadership in the Human Rights movement.

Specific Objective

  • Encouraging local systems and policies that support access to the fulfillment of social, economic and cultural rights for the elderly victims of past gross human rights violations.
  • Encouraging the role of young people as the next generation to voice human rights issues and anti-violence values ​​through artistic and cultural approaches.
  • Organizations/communities of victims of past gross human rights violations in Surakarta City, Karanganyar Regency and Sikka are able to maintain the sustainability of social inclusion efforts to prevent the recurrence of violence that has occurred in Indonesia.

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