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Call for Proposals: Pundi Perempuan Covid-19 Grant

Call for Proposals

Pundi Perempuan Covid-19 Grant: “We are in this Together. Let’s Protect Each Other”

Indonesia for Humanity (IKa) via the Pundi Perempuan Covid-19 Grant invites organizations that provide services for Women’s Crisis Centers to submit proposals that support victims of violence that are suffering under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant aims to reduce the burden of service provision organizations, in order that they are able to continue to provide services to women victims of violence safely and comprehensively.

Funding Criteria for the Pundi Perempuan Covid-19 grant:

  1. Service providers or women’s crisis centers in Indonesia
  2. Actively provide legal and psycho-social services to women who are victims of violence in the community during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. Are not currently in receipt of funding from a national or international donor
  4. Have a clear control system (Board, Executive and Staff)
  5. Include 2 reference from the organization’s network
  6. The Pundi Perempuan grant may be used to support the following needs:
    1. Communications (internet and mobile phone credit)
    1. Transport rental in accordance with Covid-19 health and safety protocols
    1. Supplements and nourishing food provisions to ensure the health of support staff
    1. Disinfectant, masks and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 
    1. Payment for medical and psychological professional services for support staff
    1. Other relevant necessities that enable staff to work during the Covid-19 pandemic

Mechanisms for disbursement of the Pundi Perempuan Covid-19 Grant

  1. Successful applicants will be informed via email and Indonesia for Humanity’s social media
  2. The selection of the successful Pundi Perepuan grant applicants will be done by Indonesia for Humanity in partnership with the National Commission for Women
  3. The Pundi Perempuan grant will be disbursed to the successful applicants up to December 2020.
  4. The service providers and/or women’s crisis centers should submit a proposal for activities covering a period of 3 months and include the following information:

A. Organizational/Community Information

1. Name of the organization/community:

2. Name of organization/community leadership:

3. Address:

4. Email and Telephone:

B. Summary of the proposed activities

1. Title

2. Time period (maximum 3 months)

3. Budget requested (maximum 20 million rupiah)

4. Nama of the person responsible for the program (address, email and telephone)

5. Two references (names, email and contact details)

C. Proposal

1. Background/introduction

Explain the conditions the organization is facing in its area of operations whilst continuing to provide services to women who are victims of violence during Covid-19

2. Aims, expenditure, and targets that will be implemented using support from the Pundi Perempuan grant

3. What activities are planned in order to address the issues faced and attain proposed targets

4. Summarize the threats and opportunities that will be faced during the implementation of the activities and who the organization plans to overcome these threats

D. Budget

Include a budget line per activity. For example, the provision of rapid test for women victims of violence in order to be admitted to a safe house: 400 thousand rupiah.

E. Appendices

1. Organizational profile

2. Organizational structure

3. Photocopy of the bank account in the name of the organization or a photocopy of the business account together with the names of two people who are part of the structure of the organization/community The successful applicants are expected to send activity and financial progress reports along with other supporting information in accordance with the format provided by Indonesia for Humanity in its position as manager of the Pundi Perempuan grant

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